New website for 2024 (OLD)

First of all here's a link to the source code of this website.

Technologies used


I wanted to try out some new technologies, specially JSX. I've been working with Vue for 2 years and even though I love it I also wanted to have some experience in React.


I started by creating a new Vite project with the Preact Vite template following the getting started at Preact's website.

Then I added a WebGL shader effect to the main page, I used and modified the code from this CodePen by Dennys Dionigi.

After that I added the projects section, where you can filter my projects by technologies. I seed the projects from GitHub using the GitHub API and the technologies with its logos from svgl API. I save all the information on JSON files and import them on the projects page.

I had a lot of fun making the search bar for that page.

Then I added the blog section, I used MDX for the blog posts. It was hard to understand how to use it with Vite at first but after reading the documentation and some articles I got it working.

Interesting things I learned


I really liked JSX, it feels more javascripty and functional than Vue's templates.


I had never used MDX before, I found it useful. It's relatively easy to use and it's really powerful.


I've been using Vite with Vue for a while now but I never made a project from scratch with it. I really like it, it's fast and easy to use.


Although I had problems with it's documentation I found a way to do what I wanted with it.


I had never used TailwindCSS before, I was a bit skeptical about it but I ended up liking it. Now I get why people like it so much.

I believe it improves the CSS workflow a lot while letting you have a lot of control over the styling while simplifying the process.


I had never used Playwright before, I had used Cypress though. I found Playwright easier to setup and very intuitive.


I had a lot of fun making this website, I learned a lot and I'm happy with the result.

I'll make a new one in 2025. Who knows what technologies I'll be using by then.


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Víctor García

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